Our Story

Why We Do What We Do.

The love affair of drinking great coffee and visiting different coffee shops around the world has been a passion of ours for decades.

The journey to owning a coffee shop started in 2017 for my husband and I. Our path in life changed quite quickly and we found ourselves exploring coffee shops that provided us with comfort. After building a great friendship, our dream became a reality in July 2023, when we became owners of Commonwealth Coffee Co. To us, our coffee shop is bigger than providing amazing local craft coffee and possibly the best doughnuts and pastries, but also a space for community connections supporting all walks of life. Wherever you are in life, we are here to provide you a hug in a mug and a big local smile.

With love, L & E


Feel free to contact us at info@commonwealthcoffee.ca or on our Instagram with any comments or inquiries.